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Joy and relief filled the air at Ormskirk School today as Year 11 pupils collected their long-awaited GCSE results. In all, nearly three-quarters of students achieved a grade C or above in both English and maths, while similarly strong performance in other subjects contributed to 68% achieving the ‘old’ benchmark of 5A*-C grades including English and maths. In all, nearly half of all entries were graded at B or above, with an impressive 25% of entries achieving an A* or A grade. A number of pupils achieved sensational results with 18 pupils scoring straight A* and A grades.

Headteacher John Doyle commented:

“These results are richly deserved. Our pupils have worked with great determination and focus in order to achieve these fantastic outcomes and we share their delight. At a time when schools are having to deal with a torrent of change and unprecedented challenges, results like this testify to the dedication and expertise of our staff who work relentlessly to help our students to achieve their potential – whatever that may be.”

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After several tense weeks of waiting since the exams were taken in June, there was delight and relief on the faces of many students and staff at Ormskirk School on Thursday morning when this year’s A Level results were released.

Headteacher John Doyle commented:

"Firstly it is only right that I should congratulate students and staff on their achievements. We are in the middle of an unprecedented change in A Level subject matter and assessment which has been a huge challenge to staff and students. A significant plank in that reform is the removal of opportunities for multiple re-sits of examinations and the fact that students’ pass rate actually increased (only three examinations were failed of the 300 that were entered) is very pleasing.

"Also pleasing was the increase in the proportion of high grades since 2015. Nearly 20% of our examination entries were graded at either A* or A which was 5% higher than last year. Some of our most able students produced remarkable results which will allow them to pass onto some highly competitive courses at Russell Group universities.

"A growing feature of our Sixth Form is the steadily growing number of students who are taking advantage of the vocational courses we offer. I congratulate the students on these courses, particularly the large number (more than 40% of entries) that were graded at the highest Distinction* grade.

"It is fitting that in the midst of Team GB’s success in the Rio Olympics the attributes of hard work, organisation, attention to detail and following the guidance of careful coaching that have proved so successful for our athletes have also ensured that many of our students are able to exceed their own personal best and achieve great things. Well done to them"

A Level Results 2016


A significant upturn in the performance of boys was one of the highlights of the 2015 GCSE results at Ormskirk School. More than two thirds of the boys gained 5 higher grade passes which was an increase of more than 5% on the 2014 results.

An additional cause for satisfaction was the number of the top A* grades. Over 20% of the school’s entries were graded at A* and eleven students gained at least 4A* grades, with some students achieving 8 or 9 A* grades. Strongly performing subjects included the separate sciences, German, art and performing arts, where 49% of the 47 entries were graded at A*.

At the same time we have experienced a lot of volatility in some subjects, especially in English where results have fallen significantly compared to previous years.

John Doyle (Headteacher) commented: “It is hard to explain why results fluctuate so much with skilful and experienced teachers who have gained excellent results in previous years, and particularly hard to understand the huge discrepancy in marks between their two separate papers that some pupils have experienced. The school will be investigating and challenging a number of the grades and acting decisively to ensure that 2016 sees a return to the strong performance we have enjoyed consistently in recent years.”

Many of our Year 11 students will be progressing into the Sixth Form at the school but to those who are leaving to begin apprenticeships, A Levels or vocational courses we wish them every success for the future.


Once again, many of our students excelled themselves in their examinations this summer.

At A Level, we had more entries graded at A* and A than ever before.  We were exceptionally proud in all of our students' results, and celebrated particularly with Andrew Guy and Adam Townson who both gained exceptional grades (Adam achieved an amazing 4A* grades) which allowed them to progress to Cambridge University to study engineering and medicine respectively.  Two further students gained grades to study medicine and an astonishing 17 students (nearly a quarter of the year group) gained at least 2 A grades.


At GCSE, again we had the second highest proportion of  A* and A grades that our students have ever achieved, with almost 30% of entries gaining these two top grades.  OVer 50% of entries were graded B or above. We were particularly pleased with our results in English.  Despite a national picture that saw the English pass rate dropping by 4%, our pass rate INCREASED by 4% with 80% of the year group gaining a C grade or higher.  72% gained a C grade or higher in maths and 66% of the year group gained 5 higher grades including English and Maths.  This figure is almost identical to the results in 2013 but it has been much more difficult to gain 5 GCSEs in 2014 because of the changes in "equivalent" qualifications. We're delighted that so many of our pupils will be continuing their studies in our Sixth Form.


Very well done to all our students, and thank you to the support provided by our dedicated team of teaching and support staff.

GCSE Results 2013 - Press Release

Ormskirk School pupils once again achieved excellent GCSE results this year. Nearly 70% of our pupils achieved the benchmark of 5 A*-C grades including English and maths, placing us comfortably in the top 15% schools nationally. In addition, almost 50% of entries were awarded A* to B grades.

Well over 90% of our pupils achieved 5 or more higher grade GCSEs A*-C for the second successive year. Some pupils achieved astounding results, with a number of students getting at least 6 A* grades.

In English and in maths, 76% students achieved C grades or aboveIMG 0019

A Level Results 2013 - Press Release

After an anxious summer, there was delight and relief on the faces of many students and staff at Ormskirk School on Thursday morning when this year’s A Level results were released.

While the overall pass rate dropped slightly from 2012’s all-time high, there was a much greater proportion of A*, A and B grades than in any previous year. Almost half the examination entries achieved Grade B or above.


For the second time the school recorded a 100% pass rate in academic subjects.

Headteacher John Doyle commented:

“Once again I congratulate the students first of all, because these results are testament to their hard work. I also thank my staff colleagues for their dedication and skilful support, encouraging this student performance. These students have worked exceptionally hard over the last two years for these results and they should be congratulated on them. We are proud of the achievements of all our students and wish them every future success”.

Ormskirk School pupils achieved another record-breaking set of GCSE results this year. 75% of our pupils achieved the benchmark of 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths, an increase of 7% from 2011. In addition, 30% of entries were awarded A* or A grades, while 58% of entries achieved at least a B grade.

90% of pupils achieved 5 or more higher grade GCSEs A*-C for the second successive year. Some pupils achieved astounding results, with twelve students getting at least 6 A* grades.

62% of pupils made expected (3 levels) progress in English (with 33% making more than expected progress). In Maths, 83% of our pupils made expected progress, with 46% exceeding expectations.