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Friday 28th October
At 3:30 am we were all stood outside of school with our parents waiting to get on the coach. Everyone was really tired but excited. We got to the airport and checked in our bags. We had lots of time in the airport so we made the most of it. Soon, we were on the plane and in the air. The sun was just rising and we got some really good pictures from the aeroplane window. We landed in Malaga at 10am and headed off to the hotel. Once we arrived we settled into our rooms and it wasn't long before we were all at the pool. The sun was shining and it was very warm. Later that day we had our salsa dancing lesson. It was really fun and we learnt lots of new salsa moves. Before dinner we went down to the beach as a group and that was really fun too. We had a early start in the morning and we were all really tired from being awake since 2:30 am that morning.

Saturday 29th October
We all stood in the reception at 8am the following morning waiting to go and have breakfast. Everyone was looking forward to the day ahead. Soon, we were on the coach heading to Ronda. The views were incredible the scenery was beautiful. We had more free time to go shopping and wander around the town which was really good. We could have had a tour around the bull ring as well. After Ronda we went to Marbella beach. It was a very pretty beach and the weather was really good. We played lots of beach games together and it was really fun. Next we headed to Mijas and too the chocolate factory. We made our own chocolate which was really cool. We saw all the donkeys and horses lined up and next to them were the water fountains. We all had a go running through them and by the time we got back on the bus we were all soaked! We had a really good day though and enjoyed seeing all the sights.

Sunday 30th October
Day three was one of my favourites!! We had a very early start followed by a great day in Malaga. The city was beautiful and we got lots of free time to explore! In my opinion, after tasting every city's ice cream, it was by far the best and I also had a taste of some Spanish Starbucks. We also had a brief start to a very fun and challenging language challenge. We left to go back to the hotel around 1pm and had a lunch followed by pool/hotel time. My favourite part if the entire holiday was that night. Everyone spent a good hour applying face paint and making themselves look as scary as possible. The Halloween party. When we entered we got a mock tail and then the dancing began.  Everyone was singing and dancing to just dance!! It was so much fun and we all were shattered the next day.

Monday 31st October
Day four was at Granada. We had lots of free time and there was lots of opportunities to spend money on souvenirs. Later, we returned back to the meeting place and all joined in the restaurant for a taste of lots of different tapas dishes. After that we had some extra time to buy anything else and also to complete the language challenge which was judged when we got back to the hotel. It was a long and fun day of walking and shopping.

Tuesday 1st November
As we were only leaving for the airport that evening we spent our last day in Malaga at the pool and the beach. The beach was only 5 minutes away so we spent half the day and the beach and half the day at the pool. The pool was freezing! We were all quite sad to be leaving Spain after a fantastic few days there. It was even better than I had imagined. We got to the airport and quickly went shopping there before we got onto the plane. The flight seemed much longer going back and it didn't help that we landed at 1:30 in the morning. Everyone was tired but we still had the coach ride back to school to go. Despite it being so late, we were all still wide awake and
laughing. We arrived at school at about 2:30 am and were greeted by all the parents. Everyone was tired but we all had happy memories of the trip.

By Maddie Sumner and Jess Foulkes