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Happy New Year on behalf of everyone at Ormskirk School.

The end of last term saw some wonderful events taking place including the Winter Warmers concert, senior presentation evening and carol services. Well done to all involved in these events. This year will bring both change and continuity for everyone in our school community. We are proud to be leading the school as Co-Headteachers for the spring term and we look forward to working alongside Mr Witter, who will take up his post as our new Headteacher after Easter.

We are determined to ensure the school continues to progress over the coming months, with particular focus on ensuring our students attend regularly, enjoy their learning and demonstrate the high standards of behaviour we want to see. As ever, this is best achieved in partnership with parents and carers, so we are grateful for your continuing support.

We have a busy start to the term. The first two weeks are especially important for our year 11 students who are sitting Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) in preparation for their GCSE exams in the summer. These ‘mock’ exams are run in the same manner as the ‘real thing’, meaning that our students gain valuable experience of the exam process, while at the same time having the opportunity to identify their strengths and areas for improvement in each subject. We are gearing up to provide them as much support as possible over the coming months, with additional revision sessions and learning support already taking place in some subjects. If you have a child in Y11, please take a look at our GCSE Exam Hub for advice and resources.

We have also had a very positive start for Year 12, and our Y13 students are now awaiting and receiving offers from their chosen universities or places of work having completed the busy UCAS process.

We warmly invite Y9 students, parents and carers to the Options Information Evening on Thursday 17th January from 6.30pm-8.30pm. A separate letter has already been sent to parents giving further details.  [Download]

Mrs Smith and Mr Wood


Dates for your diary

Tuesday, 22nd January
A Level Theatre Studies Exam - Rehearsals & Set up
Monday, 28th January
A Level Theatre Studies Exam - Rehearsals & Set up
Monday, 4th February
A Level Theatre Studies External Exam
Thursday, 7th February
Year 11 Parents' Evening (2) 4:30PM
Wednesday, 13th February
Year 9 Options Choices Evening
Monday, 18th February
Half Term Closure
Monday, 25th February
Year 11 GCSE Oral PPEs
Monday, 25th February
Year 13 PPEs Forum
Thursday, 28th February
Year 8 Parents' Evening 4:30PM
Monday, 4th March
GCSE Practical Food Exams
Monday, 4th March
National Careers Week
Thursday, 7th March
Year 7 Parents' Evening 4:30PM

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