Important Information - iCloud Backup


We strongly recommend that all pupils with iPads have iCloud backup turned on to ensure data is recoverable if the iPad is damaged or lost. Please carefully read through the instructions below and follow through the steps to check you have a recent backup. If you have any trouble backing your iPad up please drop in to ICT Support. To see how to back up work in specific apps click 'more information' below.

iCloud Backup Instructions

Backing up work in specific Apps

Sometimes you may need to remove and reinstall an app but doing this will delete all data from the app. Follow these instructions to see how to ensure your work is safe.

iWork (Pages/Numbers/Keynote)

Go into Settings then scroll down to the bottom of the list to App settings. Select each App and ensure iCloud is turned on. you will need to repeat this for each of the iWork apps.

iwork icloud


Go in to Notability and click the cog icon in the bottom-left corner to open settings. Tap iCloud and turn on the iCloud toggle.

notability settings

notability icloud

Book Creator

You will need to back up each book individually. From the book selection screen choose the export icon on a book you wish to save. You can then choose to upload to iCloud or email a copy of the file to yourself. You will need to do this again on each book you wish to save.

bookc export