Even if your child is using an iPad purchased outside if the school scheme, we will need to enrol devices into the school's management system. The first part of this process is known as 'Supervision'. This gives us additional functionality allowing us to remotely install apps and clear forgotten passcodes etc. This will also allow staff to use Apple's new teaching tools to enhance learning in the classroom.

Supervision can only be carried out on a fresh iPad so if your child's iPad has already been set up and used we will need to reset it. This will wipe all content and data from the device. If you wish to save any data please see the instructions below for common items. If you are concerned about losing data which is not mentioned below pelase ask your child to discuss this with ICT Support when they hand in their iPad.


Your photo library can be stored in iCloud rather than on the device, allowing you to access it from any Apple device signed in to your iCloud account. To turn on this feature go into Settings > Photos & Camera. You will need to turn this feature back on once the iPad has been enrolled to retrieve your photos.

iWork Apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)

These apps all support storing documents in iCloud. You can check if iCloud is turned on by going to Settings and scrolling down the left hand side until you reach the individual app settings. Tap on one of the apps and settings will appear on the right-hand side. If iCloud is turned off, set the switch to the On position. you will then need to return to the app for it to begin uploading documents. Turn this feature back on once the iPad has been enrolled to retrieve your documents.

Other Apps

Many apps will allow you to store data in iCloud or will host data on their own servers. You may need to turn this on in the settings of the individual app.


Any purchases, including apps, music and books will be removed from the device. However, these can be downloaded again with no charge once the iPad is enrolled by going into the store and viewing previous purchases.

iCloud Backup

You can take a full backup of your device which will allow you to restore all data if required. We recommend a recent iCloud backup is taken in case there are any issues restoring other data or if anything is missed. Unfortunately, we cannot restore a full iCloud backup to a supervised device.