Creating an Apple ID

iPad tdrugged webFor current year 7 pupils we have created managed Apple IDs which give access to the essential iCloud services. However, these cannot be used to purchase apps. All apps essential for school working will either be installed automatically or available through our internal App Portal.

If you do wish to allow your child to download or purchase additional apps you will need to create a personal Apple ID to use in the App Store. The following instructions will guide you through creating an Apple ID without the requirement of a credit card or other payment method.

Creating an Apple ID

Apple ID Setup Instructions

In order to set up an Apple ID without Debit/Credit Card Details for your son/daughter to use on their iPad, please see the following instructions. We recommend apple IDs are created using school email address as this makes it much easier for us to assist with any issues they may have.

Sign out the managed Apple ID

IMG 0001

Go into the Settings App


IMG 0002

Scroll down to the iTunes & App Store section

On the right hand side, tap the managed Apple ID


IMG 0003

Tap Sign Out

Sign in with an existing apple ID

IMG 0004

Once you sign out the manged Apple ID you will have the option to sign in. Simply enter your existing login details.

Create a new Apple ID


IMG 0005

Open the App Store and locate a free app. You can identify these as they will say 'GET' next to them, rather than a purchase price. Tap Get on the app.


IMG 0006

Select 'Create New Apple ID'


IMG 0008

Enter an email address and password. We reccommend using your child's school email address so we can assist with any issues. The password must contain a combination of upper-case and lower case characters and at least one number or symbol. Toggle the switch to agree to the Terms and Conditions.


IMG 0009

Fill in the required information - you (the parent) should use your own details here, not those of your the child.


IMG 0010

When asked to set up the payment method choose 'None'


IMG 0011

Your child will receive a verification email. Email can be accessed through the Mail app on the iPad, or via the school website. Enter the code in the email and tap 'Verify'. Once verified the Apple ID is ready to use.