guest wifi


Staff members and Sixth Form students can log on to the Guest WiFi network using their network username and password.
To do this, go into the WiFi settings on your device and connect to ORMSKIRK GUEST. You will need to install the school's security certificate to avoid error messages and ensure certain secure sites will work correctly. See the instructions below for more details.

For Windows, iOS and Android devices click here to download.
For Mac computers click here to download.

Guests and external parties can register for access by visiting ICT Support.


Connecting to the Network

On your device go into your wifi settings and connect to the ORMSKIRK GUEST network.

guestwifi connect
Example connection on iOS


Once connected the login screen should appear. On some devices you may need to access your web browser and attempt to access a website before you see this screen. Log in with your school network login details.

guestwifi login

The login screen


If you succesfully log in you should see the message below. You can then browse the web and use apps that require an internet connection. You will need to log in every time you connect to the network.

guestwifi done

Installing the certificate

iOS Device

Use this link to install the school's security certificate on your device. This ensures you don't see error messages when trying to browse to secure sites and will ensure apps and programs that use secure traffic work correctly. Once you click the link a pop up should appear asking you to confirm the install. On some devices you will need to give the certificate a name. This name is just for reference so just label it 'Ormskirk School Certificate' or similar.


guestwifi ca1Click install

guestwifi ca2Click Done

Windows Device

windows download
Click Open

windows install
Click Install

windows root
When asked for the Certificate Store, click Browse and choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities

Apple Mac Device

Click here to download the certificate. When asked to install the profile click Install and enter your Mac password if prompted.


Error Messages and troubleshooting

You may see error messages similar to the following regarding server identity or invalid certificate. You must install the certificate as above to prevent these. If this is the first time you are connecting to the network and you have not yet installed the certificate you can safely press continue. Install the certificate as soon as you are logged in.

guestwifi errorExample certificate error on iOS