Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Recent OFSTED inspection in May 2019

I would like to begin this letter by thanking you all for making me welcome since I took up the Headteacher post just over 54 school days ago.

As you are all aware, Ofsted inspectors visited our school on Day 20 and 21 of my tenure.  Since my appointment last November, I had the valuable opportunity to spend some time in school, prior to officially starting after Easter.  During that time, it became apparent very early on that there were indeed a great many things that needed to improve at Ormskirk School, very quickly.  Therefore, during the Spring Term and before my arrival, I carried out a number of activities to position the school for a journey of rapid improvement.  It became apparent from very early during the inspection that the Inspectors did not feel that the school had made enough progress in the key areas identified in the previous inspection in February 2017.

The report acknowledges the impact of the new Headteacher, but found insufficient evidence to demonstrate sustained improvement.

In terms of current leadership the report states:

  • The current Headteacher has been in post since Easter 2019 and, after only 20 days, is already having a positive impact on the school. Leaders are already starting to come to grips with some of the areas that need strengthening. Attendance and punctuality are showing signs of improvement although these are fragile. Pupils now wear their uniform with pride and told inspectors that there are more teachers on duty so that pupils are better behaved. Teachers, pupils, parents and carers have all been very positive about the changes in the school. However, it is too soon to see any sustained improvement.
  • Since the arrival of the new Headteacher, behaviour policies are being put into practice more effectively by staff. Parents, pupils and staff feel that behaviour has improved considerably in the short time since the arrival of the new Headteacher.

So what happens now?

As a school our expectations are the highest.  We will secure rapid improvement in all areas and we will expect our young people to rise to the challenge and be the best they can be at all times, in all situations. We are confident that we will be able to provide strong evidence that the school is moving rapidly to becoming a good school in a 9-12 month timeframe.

Please be assured that we have made rapid improvement since Easter and the school is in a much stronger position for the start of the new school year. There is still a great deal to be done but we have a strong plan for improvement.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Witter  Mr G Slawinski
Headteacher  Chair of Governors

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