Each year group is led by a Head of Year, who focuses upon the pupils' attitude and behaviour for learning, academic progress, and requirements for intervention and guidance. Each year group also has an Assistant Head of Year, who leads on their pastoral support, care and welfare.


  Head of Year Assistant Head of Year
Year 7





Year 8





Year 9





Year 10





Year 11






The school's college system supports the ethos of the school and all pupils belong to one of six colleges. The colleges are led by a member of the senior leadership team as follows:


  Brunel College {{doc_brunel}} {{doc_brunel_code}}
  Gates College {{doc_gates}} {{doc_gates_code}}
  Keats College {{doc_keats}} {{doc_keats_code}}
  Mandela College {{doc_mandela}} {{doc_mandela_code}}
  Picasso College {{doc_picasso}} {{doc_picasso_code}}
  Redgrave College {{doc_redgrave}} {{doc_redgrave_code}}