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INSET Day Reminder

Please note: Monday 22nd February is an INSET day. School will reopen to pupils on Tuesday 23rd.

Important Information - iCloud Backup


We recommend that all pupils with iPads have iCloud backup turned on to ensure data is recoverable if the iPad is damaged or lost. Please carefully read through the instructions below and follow through the steps to check you have a recent backup. If you have any trouble backing your iPad up please drop in to ICT Support.

Year 9 Pupils
If you have chosen to continue on the iPads for All scheme and receive a new iPad, it is very important that you back up your current iPad before receiving your new one after half term. This applies even if you have opted to keep your current iPad. 


iCloud Backup Instructions


Important Information for Parents

9th February 2016

Some of you will have seen an erroneous report in the Southport Visiter or the Liverpool Echo about a knife being taken from a pupil in school. This highly irresponsible reporting has taken place without any checking of the story with the school.

A student brought in a martial arts "Practice Knife" to sell to another student today. This item cannot be sharpened and has NO blade. It is not dangerous, though could be perceived to be so if seen at a distance. Students were never at risk and Police did not attend the school at any stage, having been contacted by a parent who is currently banned from the school site.

The student who brought in the item and the student who bought it have both been excluded from school.

The school will be taking steps with pupils tomorrow by speaking to them in assembly and giving the following message:

"Martial arts ‘Practice Knives’ which cannot be sharpened and are not dangerous could be (and have been) thought to be genuine knives and so they are banned from school. Anyone who brings them into school risks an exclusion from school. Sharpened blades are TOTALLY BANNED and anyone who brings such a device into school risks being excluded from school PERMANENTLY. This INCLUDES bringing the knife in to sell to another student."

I hope this reassures parents about the seriousness with which we take this and the importance we attach to our students' safety.

John Doyle

Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations, Spring Term 2016

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An Evening of Winter Warmers

Wednesday 9th Decemember, 2015

Congratulations to all the students who were involved in this year's 'Winter Warmers' Concert. On Wednesday 9th December, our audience was entertained by seasonal performances from 'Young Voices', 'Senior Voices', 'Tutti Fluti', 'Super Strings', 'Brassed Off', 'Band', 'School of Rock' and the newly formed 'Sax Pack'. There were also fantastic performances from soloists from all years, playing and singing heart-warming music. Thank you to all the students who took part, and the staff and parents who supported this event. If you would like to learn an instrument, please click here for more information. We have saxophones available for free loan to anyone who would like to learn. If you would like to take part in the next music concert, please come and join our ensembles in 2016. 

The Music Department

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Upcoming Events

Sun 14 Feb
NEW YORK TRIP KS 4 & 5 - (Fri 12 Feb - Thu 18 Feb)
Mon 15 Feb
HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - (Mon 15 Feb - Fri 19 Feb)
Mon 22 Feb
A WEEK - (Mon 22 Feb - Fri 26 Feb)
Mon 22 Feb
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YR 11 PPES - (Tue 23 Feb - Fri 26 Feb)
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B WEEK - (Mon 29 Feb - Fri 4 Mar)
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CAREERS WEEK - (Mon 29 Feb - Fri 4 Mar)
Mon 29 Feb
Mon 29 Feb
YR 11 PPES - (Mon 29 Feb - Fri 4 Mar)
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