School Office Opening Hours during summer holidays:

  • 14th - 16th August (8am – 3pm)
  • 21st - 23rd August (8am – 3pm)
  • 27th - 30th August (10am – 3pm)
  • 2nd - 3rd September (8am - 3pm)

Start of Term, September 2019

School starts again on Wednesday, September 4th 2019

  • Year 7 should arrive in school for 8.45am and should report to the Main Hall
  • Year 8 and Year 9 should arrive in school for 10.30am and should go to their Progress Room
  • Year 10 and Year 11 should arrive for 11.30am and should go to their Progress Room

Pupils should arrive in school in full uniform and with all equipment. Pupils will not need to bring their PE kit for the first day back in school.


Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers, Thank you for all your emails in support of the school over the past few days.  It is greatly appreciated and please be confident that the whole school community will work tirelessly over the coming months to return Ormskirk School back to its rightful position. …

    Life @ Ormskirk School