Subject Overview

In Computer Science and IT our intent is to promote a curiosity for the technology that is becoming increasingly fundamental to the world that we are living in. Our innovative curriculum will equip all students with essential skills for their future allowing them to be confident and savvy IT users. Through the opportunities we provide to our students, we will support them in developing a responsible approach to technology, appreciating how it can affect them as individuals as well as the wider world around them. All students will have the foundation skills that are essential and are transferable to every area of life - problem solving, critical thinking, analysis and communication skills. In the increasingly connected digital world our students are growing up in, we will deliver a curriculum that will encourage them to embrace technology, see it as a great opportunity and not a threat and learn how to make use of this technology effectively, confidently and safely.  Those who take these subjects as an option will face challenges and will need to be resilient in their approach. They will become citizens who are even more digitally literate, taking with them qualifications that are highly recognised. They will be prepared for their working lives and equipped with skills that will be, without doubt, essential in their future careers in a world that continues to technologically evolve at an incredible pace.

Computer Science Subject Staff

Mrs Blackhurst Director of Social Science Faculty
Mr Goodier Head of Computing / ICT
Miss Gelling Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs Howes Teacher of Computer Science