Science Subject Staff 

Dr Billington Director of Science Faculty
Mrs Brown Teacher of Science Head of Physics
Mrs Hunter Lead Practitioner
Mrs Molyneux Teacher of Science Head of Chemistry
Ms Potter Teacher of Science Head of Biology
Mrs Roberts Teacher of Science AHT - Behaviour
Mr Denning Teacher of Science Able & Ambitious Co-ordinator
Mr Holland Teacher of Science
Mr Morris Teacher of Science
Mr Potter Teacher of Science
Mr Smith Teacher of Science
Mr Whittle Teacher of Science


Subject Overview

Science touches all our lives, whether we are looking into the furthest reaches of space or at the tiny microbes that damage our health. A study of Science involves addressing huge moral issues, such as climate change, energy production, food and overpopulation, health and how we could use our dwindling resources better. At Ormskirk the intention is that all students will have a good understanding of Science which will enable them to make sense of and adapt to a rapidly changing world. 

The Science department consists of 14 laboratories. All rooms are equipped with interactive projector. There are two dedicated full-time technicians to ensure that teachers can deliver lessons that involve practical investigations. 

It is a genuine passion for science and a love of learning that motivates the teachers in the department to continually research and develop new teaching and learning strategies in order to maximise the progress made by our students. 

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and Year 8 our students are taught in mixed attainment groups. The Schemes of Learning have been developed by the Science department, incorporating topics and materials in line with the KS3 National Curriculum as well as what we consider to be prerequisite knowledge and skills required to progress. In Year 9 our students progress to study Science in the separate disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are taught by specialist teachers.  

Key Stage 4

GCSE: Science (Combined or Separate). Exam Board: AQA Trilogy and AQA Separate Science

Our students continue to study science within the discrete disciplines delivered by specialist teachers. This allows us to deliver content with the flexibility to personalise the learning of individual students in order that they make the best academic progress. At the end of Year 10, students will take internal exams for the units they have studied. Attainment in these exams, along with ongoing assessment through the academic year, will dictate which of the following courses they will take: 

GCSEs in Separate Sciences

The students that have adapted well to GCSE science in Year 10 will go on to study the extra material required for the award of three separate Science GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

GCSEs in Combined Science

Our Year 11 curriculum continually evolves and develops responding to the needs of our students. Students will develop and expand their knowledge of key scientific concepts. In order that they are fully prepared for their six external exams at the end of Year 11. This route results in the award of a single qualification in Combined Science which is worth two GCSEs 

Key Stage 5

A-levels: Biology; Chemistry; Physics. Exam Board: AQA for all. 

Our students can opt to study one or more science in the Sixth Form. Content is delivered by specialist teachers, who have a wealth of experience teaching at this level. Teachers’ passion for their subjects allow teaching to stretch and challenge the most able whilst also understanding the scaffolding some students need. Smaller class sizes, allow us the flexibility to personalise the learning of individual students in order that they make the best academic progress and achieve the best possible outcomes.