Introducing Class Charts and OSCERs

Our new rewards system (OSCERs) is intended to recognise and acknowledge pupils who try hard and embody our values of opportunity, resilience and respect. OSCERs are facilitated by the use of Class Charts - behaviour management software used by teachers to record and track positive and negative behaviour.

Class Charts allows parents to view their child’s progress over the course of a school day, in real time. The simple to use app (for iPhone and Android) can be downloaded to enable quick access to behaviour and rewards information, and the system can also be accessed online at

Pupils have access to their own app, helping them to view their OSCERs totals and keep track of their own progress.

Parents will be issued (via pupils) with a unique code which is used to access your account. If you do not have your access code please contact ICT Support.

Quick Start Guide for Parents

To download the app, click on the appropriate link below.

A short video guide explaining how to use the iPad app is available here:

We hope you find this system useful.